Superior Essay Writing Service Defines What A Comma Splice Is

Superior Essays writing service want you to be able to create flawless essays consisting of logical and correct sentences. For this reason, we decided to provide you with some information about one of the most common punctuation mistake in essay writing – a comma splice. Comma splice occurs when a comma is used to join to complete sentences without putting the needed linking word between them. Our writers from
underline that comma is unable to put two separate sentences together; thus, you need to be careful not to use comma splices in your essays.In order to make you understand better what a comma splice is, Superior Essays writing service wants to give an example of it usage:

He made a mistake in his essay, the professor didn’t notice it.


He made a mistake in his essay the professor didn’t notice it. – This is a so-called run-on sentence without a comma at all, which is a closely related grammar error as well.

Fixing Comma Splices With Superior Essays Writing Service

There are several ways to fix a comma splice and
will gladly introduce them to you. Firstly, our writers want to tell you about the simplest way of fixing a comma splice. Just replace the comma with a period or a semi –column and you will do fine.

This looks much better, isn’t it:

He made a mistake in his essay. The professor didn’t notice it.


 He made a mistake in his essay; the professor didn’t notice it. (in case you don’t want to separate your ideas)

Another way to correct a comma splice, according to Superior Essay writing service, is using coordination conjunctions. Our service is sure that you know them, but will remind you, just in case. So, there are 7 coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet. Use them instead of the comma and your sentence will become grammatically correct. In addition, you may also use subordination conjunctions in order to fix a comma splice.
reminds you that these are the most common ones: while, although, because, if, since, unless, whether, when, why, as, before, after, if, whether, that, once.

For Example:

He made a mistake in his essay, but the professor didn’t notice it. (coordination)

Although he made a mistake in his essay, the professor didn’t notice it. (subordination)

Superior Essays Writing Service Will Help With Your Essay Editing

In case you haven’t noticed this page before writing your essay and has made too many mistakes which needs fixing, don’t get disappointed! Our writers from Superior Essays writing service will gladly edit your paper correcting all the comma splices and other grammar and punctuation mistakes. Turn to us today and you won’t regret it!